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sliced IQF Grapes

they look like they are halves. We’re actually looking for them sliced

We are now looking for IQF Frozen Strawberry

We are now looking for IQF Frozen Strawberry for South Korea. We are the branch of trading company in Japan. We are active in oleochemical products, cosmetic esters and food ingredients

IQF strawberries

3cm of length , 12-13g of strawberry origin EU (or other country possible)

Buying IQF Raspberries

Are you able to supply my company with 70 tons of 10mm IQF Raspberries. We have a client in France who is interested in receiving this commodity.

IQF Carrots

Product: Carrot Bits 5/32”x 5/32 x ¾” IQF 45# Case Item # 15856 REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS: The manufacturing facility for this ingredient must comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations. The ingredient must be produced using Current Good Manufacturing Practices as identified in the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 21 and all …

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Frozen ciabatta

We would require 400g loaves or similar as this is for crumbing.

IQF berries

both conventional and organic: blueberry, cloudberry, lingonberry, raspberry, gooseberry, Lingonberry Frozen Juice