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Based in Ukraine, "LBU-TECH" LTD is a Processor, Wholesaler of Frozen Bakery, . It offers the following certifications : Organic . The number of employees is 11 – 60.

The "LBU-TECH" LTD is an official representative "AGROEAST BAKING AND MILLING" LTD from Ukraine - offers you Stone Ground Whole-Grain Flour and Frozen Handmade Bread. The uniqueness and naturalness of Whole Grain Flour is the grinding of it. The grinding saves cellulose and all the microelements and vitamins which are contained in the shell of each grain. Therefore, bread, baked out of whole-grain flour, acquires exceptional taste, nutritional and healthy (useful) qualities. The whole assortment of bread is the handmade work of our bakers (not industrial production), bread is baked on a wood stove without chemical additives.

Website : lbu.com.ua/

The market area is Global

Contact details of "LBU-TECH" LTD

The address is : Velyka Kiltseva St.4 03180 Kyiv Ukraine

The contact person of this file is Ta***** Ku*****, ***** (Seller)

To send an email :

Tel : +42191925515 Fax :

"LBU-TECH" LTD Products

  • Processes Frozen Bakery , certificate available : Organic
       Frozen Bakery
  • Processes Frozen bread , certificate available : Organic
      Frozen bread Frozen Bakery
  • Processes Frozen bread Frozen Baguette , certificate available : Organic
     Frozen Baguette Frozen bread Frozen Bakery
  • Processes Frozen bread Frozen Ciabatta , certificate available : Organic
     Frozen Ciabatta Frozen bread Frozen Bakery
  • Processes Frozen bread Other , certificate available : Organic
     Other Frozen bread Frozen Bakery
  • Processes Other
      Other Frozen Bakery
  • IQF Frozen Fruit       
  • Frozen Bakery  P     
  • Frozen Dairy, Frozen Egg       
  • Frozen Desserts       
  • Frozen Fish, Frozen seafood       
  • IQF Frozen Herbs       
  • IQF Frozen Mushrooms       
  • IQF Frozen Vegetables       
  • Frozen Meat products       
  • Frozen Pizza, Pie, Pasta       
  • Frozen Potatoes       
  • Frozen Prepared Food       
  • Ice-creams, sorbets       
  • Services and Equipment       

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