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About albaGold gelati

Based in United Kingdom, albaGold gelati is a Processor, Wholesaler of Frozen Dairy, Frozen IceCream, Frozen Desserts, . Type of Business partners : Supermarket, Caterer.

We are 10 years established maker and supplier of traditional hand made ice creams and sorbets. Our range includes sorbets with fructose only and ice creams made with alpine milk also. all our products are low in fat and sugar compared to other brands due to the optimum use of quality ingredients in high quantity. Our products are in great demand for quality food retailers, fine dining top level cuisines/events of all nationalities

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The market area is Regional

Contact details of albaGold gelati

The address is : 72 High Street W3 6LE London United Kingdom

The contact person of this file is Ki***** Ja*****, Ms***** (Seller)

Tel : + 44 20 8992 5748 Fax : 020 8992 3828

albaGold gelati Products

  • Frozen Dairy, Frozen Egg
       Frozen Dairy, Frozen Egg
  • Frozen Desserts
       Frozen Desserts
  • Processes Ice-creams, sorbets
       Ice-creams, sorbets
  • Processes Dairy ice-creams made with alpine milk
    made with alpine milk  Dairy ice-creams Ice-creams, sorbets
  • Processes Sherbet Sorbets made with fructose only
    made with fructose only  Sherbet Sorbets Ice-creams, sorbets
  • IQF Frozen Fruit       
  • Frozen Bakery       
  • Frozen Dairy, Frozen Egg       
  • Frozen Desserts       
  • Frozen Fish, Frozen seafood       
  • IQF Frozen Herbs       
  • IQF Frozen Mushrooms       
  • IQF Frozen Vegetables       
  • Frozen Meat products       
  • Frozen Pizza, Pie, Pasta       
  • Frozen Potatoes       
  • Frozen Prepared Food       
  • Ice-creams, sorbets  P     
  • Services and Equipment       

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