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About Balboacinci, LLC

Based in USA, Balboacinci, LLC is a Processor of Frozen Pizza Pasta Pies, .

Website :

The market area is Global

Contact details of Balboacinci, LLC

The address is : 2526 Hackberry Street 45206 Cincinnati USA

The contact person of this file is Ha***** So*****, Pr***** (Seller)

Tel : 859-816-1045 Fax : 513-321-4733

Balboacinci, LLC Products

  • Processes Frozen Pizza, Pie, Pasta
       Frozen Pizza, Pie, Pasta
  • IQF Frozen Fruit       
  • Frozen Bakery       
  • Frozen Dairy, Frozen Egg       
  • Frozen Desserts       
  • Frozen Fish, Frozen seafood       
  • IQF Frozen Herbs       
  • IQF Frozen Mushrooms       
  • IQF Frozen Vegetables       
  • Frozen Meat products       
  • Frozen Pizza, Pie, Pasta  P     
  • Frozen Potatoes       
  • Frozen Prepared Food       
  • Ice-creams, sorbets       
  • Services and Equipment       

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